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As a niche player, Fender Innovations has its focus on a wide variety of different market applications. We can build flexible fenders of any shape and size with different dampening characteristics to fit the individual requirements of your vessel. All fender applications have in common that they are spectacularly lighter and stronger than existing fender systems, leading to significant operational cost savings. In addition to that, the design and appearance of the fenders is elegant and the flexibility in the manufacturing process offers marine architects a new spectrum of applicable forms, rounding’s and curves.

The perfect shape, sleek design and freedom of form

The design of the fenders can be adapted to all hull shapes so any shape is possible to make the perfect fit to the hull and to get the best performance in use. We can produce our fenders in one piece and almost any shape and length up to 20m (longer upon request). It’s also possible to produce our customized fenders seamless around corners, which gives the fenders a sleek design and improves the protection of you vessel. Due to the construction method different dampening characteristics can be combined into our fenders, each design is adapted to the vessel and her usage.

To produce our fenders we accept IGES, Rhino or other common used 2D or 3D files or a template for new builds and retrofitting. When no drawings or files are available, we can measure or 3D scan the fender on location. The cross section is flexible, we only need a minimum radius for load bearing surfaces. The minimum radius depends on the use and duty of the fender.

Fender Innovations can advise you about the optimal fender form.

Strong and flexible fenders

Our fenders are built around a closed cell foam core, technical fabric mesh and our extremely durable FI top- coat, which is available in various versions. The high quality foam core gives the fender its dampening characteristics and energy absorption properties. Different foam densities can be combined to get the desired result. Our core material has a high compressibility. In order to be able to produce quickly we always have 15 different foam densities on stock. Each design is adapted to the vessel and her intended usage. By adjusting the parameters of the different materials the fender has an improved contact area and is highly adaptable to the hull shape. The fender systems are suitable for ambient temperatures between minus 30°C up to 55°C. Different temperature ranges are possible on request.

The preferred way of fitting is bonding to the hull, since this is the quickest and most cost-effective method. Besides some existing alternatives, we can also develop a custom mounting type that suits your application. For example integration with composite, aluminum, nylon or stainless steel constructions or delivery of brackets, mounting points in stainless steel ss316 or aluminum.

Light weight and cost effective

Our system offers a spectacular low weight alternative to normal fenders. The fenders are up to 12 times lighter than traditional rubber fenders. In addition, the use of our fender systems can lead to a significant operational cost savings, your vessel also sails faster and the sea behavior will improve. In addition, it also provides significantly more buoyancy and therefore safety. This is an important factor to consider when your ship is designed.

Depending on the specifications, the weight of our fenders is comparable to heavy duty air-filled tubes.

No downtime: As we only use high quality cross linked closed cell foams, the fenders will not absorb water in case of damage. Which makes it easy to simply carry out an emergency repair to prevent further damage and to keep the effectiveness optimal. We can repair the fender later when it suits you.

Rope eyes or handles can be fully integrated into the fender. Research and testing have shown that this results in a tensile force of 0,9kN per rope eye.

Additional features We can mill your company logo or the name of your vessel in the fender with or without mirror polished stainless steel inserts.

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We deliver tailor-made fenders for the following branches:

Superyacht tenders

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Windfarm support

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Fender Innovations B.V. is specialised in light weight, flexibel, tailor made fender systems and specials for fast rescue, life boat tenders and heavy duty Rib's.
Poly Marine Fender Systems B.V. is specialised in Heavy Duty fenders for crew tenders, pilot boats or specials such as shore tension.

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