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Welcome to Fender Innovations

»  Light weight, strong & flexible
» Tailor-made for each application
» The perfect fit, slick design & seamless bends

We build fenders of any shape and size with different dampening characteristics to fit the individual requirements of your vessel.

Our fenders are up to 12 times lighter than traditional fenders, have freedom of form and the possibility of seamless bends. The design of the fenders can be adapted to all hull shapes. At Fender Innovations we can provide the complete and optimal fender package.

Our fenders are suitable for semiplaning and planing vessels such as All weather life boats, Fast rescue, Tenders, Wind farm support, Heavy Duty RIB’s, Research and survey, Unmanned marine systems, Amphibian cars, Naval applications and Superyacht tenders.


About our fenders

We deliver tailor-made fenders for the following branches:

Superyacht tenders

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Windfarm support

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Contact Fender Innovations

Westrak 240
1771 SV Wieringerwerf
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 22 37 64 170

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