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NEW: the “BULL Technology Inside” system.

Mon, 09/18/2017

We are proud to present our latest innovation in fender technology, the “BULL Technology Inside” system. 

This technique combines the enormous resilience and indestructibility of hollow, pressureless Polymer spheres with the damping ability of high quality Polyethylene closed cell foam. This combination ensures that the load and damping capacity and the technical lifetime of our fender systems increases dramatically and a weight reduction over 20% occurs. 

The Bull technology can be applied in all of our fender systems, but is best suited to heavily and frequently used vessels such as pilot boats, multipurpose vessels, wind farm support vessels, tender boats and ferries.

For an example of our new BULL fender system, take a look at our recent project: a tailor-made fender system for Javelin International's multipurpose vessel 'Patriot'.

To find out if our new technology suits your application feel free to contact us at +31 22 37 64 170 or

Javelin International - Patriot- new BULL fender system


We deliver tailor-made fenders for the following branches:

Superyacht tenders

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Windfarm support

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